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Your Dream Life Starts Now!

Learn how to create a life you love and
                                                                                     become the person you want to be.

Hi, my name is Bei, Welcome to my site
Your Dream Life Starts Now.

Before I started this online business, I have been working in my own wedding dress shop for 22 years. I have always liked my job and loved to spend a lot of time with my customers.

However, I always had a very little time left to spend with my family as I worked approximately 10 to 12 hours a day.

I have always dreamed of travelling around the world with my family and explore new places, but I did not believe I could do all of that yet as I was taught to work till my retirement.

Now, I have found a way to still achieve this dream of mine. All you need is a laptop or a mobile phone and access to internet.

image of Bei showing a wedding dress she has made on a model


Here is how it started for me: 

I used to watch a lot of self-improvement and motivation videos on YouTube. One day, I was watching a video about a Swedish guy, Emil, who was talking about how tired he was of the old way of working; spending way too much time on traffic and work, and having no time left for his family.

He explained that he decided to make a change and created his own online business. Now, he managed to have a website that sells products 24/7, without needing him to be online all the time.

With his new online career, he was able to quit his job and spend more time with his family. He is able to enjoy a totally new lifestyle.

After watching this video, I felt so hopeful. How he explained his struggles of combining work and his private life with his family really touched me, as I was having the exact same struggle. From that moment on, I knew I had to change my life too.

I need more freedom in my life. I sent him an e-mail to ask them how he did it, whereas he said that he wanted to help me to do it myself. He sent me a 7-days video series for free of his own mentor Stuart , who explains how every person with the right mindset could create their own online business from scratch.

Contacting Emil and watching these videos have opened my eyes and has been life-changing to me.

I am forever thankful to my mentor who offered me this opportunity and taught me how to start my online business. Now, I am at a point in my own journey where I want to do the same thing for others, as Emil did for me.

I would love to give driven people (probably like you) the same opportunities and training I now use to create my dream life! I promise you many exciting insights that will make you realize you are able to achieve your dream-life. Who would not want to earn money while learning and increasing your knowledge?

  • Start working for yourself,
  • be able to decide yourself wherever and whenever you want to work,
  • stop working for a boss and trading your precious time for money.

Create a new lifestyle, increase your income, have more freedom, and be able to spend more time with your family.

If you are highly motivated or just curious? Send me your e-mail address and I will email you the same free videos  I received that have helped me get started. You will not regret it. Again, these videos are for free and life-changing!

Start your online career now!

With an online business, you aHere is how it started for me: re able to work from anywhere in the world


Wealth includes much more than just money.

It’s about the quality of life and being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Wealth is truly about enjoying the freedom of not worrying anymore.

Nothing compares to spending quality time with your children and watch them grow.

Bei sitting on a large rock outside working from a laptop